is like a passage, it is one way trip.

Good thing is there is no need to return. The future is full of hope.

Even if you have one day left, you have the power to make the most out of it.


My Story in Entrepreneurship


Founder Forewords:

I’m passionate about scuba diving which I have been into for over two decades as a professional deep sea diver and a member of International Diving Research and Exploration Organisation (IDREO). An avid global traveler which have brought me to more than 60 countries and 200 cities. I love to explore and experience life across all walks of life and places.

What to do with my hobbies and my career? Of course, YES! I believe that one who loves life would perform better in their career development too. I love my life. I enjoy every moment in my lifetime. What most important is to back to the society today with my sincerity.

With international sales oriented

I am well-rounded professional with expertise in Client Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction and Retention, Human Resources Management, Hospitality, Organizational Management, Accounting & Finance, Real Estates Management, and Sales & Marketing. I do enrich knowledge in astute business understanding and experience in contributing to strategic planning, delivering improvements in processes, productivity, and costs.

In all the roles I have held,

I have fostered strong relationships with customers and strategic associates. Working as an Investment & International Buying House Group CEO, with Mars Synergy Resources, I have exceeded all my targets and simultaneously gained respect from staffs and management through effective communication and liaison. My ability to provide planned marketing and property procurement support to clients has been very helpful in acquiring an extensive client-base. Furthermore, I have gained extensive knowledge and insights into providing outstanding customer services by anticipating client needs.

As a speaker,

I am trained to be an excellent communicator who possess the ability to engage staffs on all levels of an organization. I do enjoy sharing stories of success and failures, being on the fence as a serial entrepreneur, raising much needed funds, investing as a venture capitalist and now mentoring/investing an angel investor.

Venture Capitalist

My latest pursuit is to consolidate my years of domain experience and resources to build a private equity firm. I aim to become the transformational investment ecosystem and platform that propels Malaysian businesses towards a sustainable, profitable, and globally accessible future.

This ambitious undertaking is driven by a selfless pursuit of a greater future for Malaysia business communities. 

This is a business built on two ideas that i hold sacred: TRUST AND INTEGRITY

I will not allow it to be derailed by greed.