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Seek advice from Andrew Tan by register below for your situation.

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Seek advice from Andrew Tan by register below for your situation.

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About Andrew Tan

With 15 years experience Scale up businesses

Guide Profitable businesses Financial Goal

Cash out 20Xs of corporate valuation

Andrew Tan are now venture capitalist for 32 start-ups in Malaysia with 10 Millions USD, meaning that he has been raising fund up to 1.5 Million USD per day.

As an entrepreneur, he has been leading 2 companies to undergo initial Public Offering(IPO), and manage to push both the companies under the list of Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing and Automated Quotation(MESDAQ) Market and Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market(HKGEM)


Andrew Tan is very inspiring and knowledgeable mentor. I learnt a lots from him like

Kenneth Kang

Great and excellent advice from business master

Kelven Ngow

Very interactive and detailed knowledge shared for free! Really appreciated!

Fong Sing

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Capital Wisdom Fund Raising Workshop

Equips business owners on equity structuring, fundraising, business model, valuation, and ESOP


Andrew Tan Inner Circle Programme

Equips SME business owners on direct problem solving, and step-by-step coaching by himself.

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Andrew Tan has gone through adversities in the form of two bankruptcies. And with that wisdom gained from those failures, success to him is when he is able to create a positive impact in the lives of the people around him. He believes that the crucial lessons he learnt through his many failures and experiences are meant to be shared so that others can achieve a quicker path to success. Enlighten, inspire your audience with the different measurement of success.